Thursday, August 13, 2009

The waiting game

Only 3 miles with Laura this morning. I could have gone out for another mile but I was worried that FFP wouldn't get the kids up for school. Good thing too because FFP didn't get the kids up for school LOL. Had a banana on the way home from my run.

Was going to go to Kettlebells but the FFP's big brother and SIL are having a baby today and I can't stand to be out of the know loop so I hung out and had coffee (I had an Earl Grey Latte and a perfect oatmeal with a few teaspoons of half and half, brown sugar, nuts and dried fruit) and cleaned the house some. We're off to drop off cans (and I'm keeping the camera ready). No news right now but if there isn't progress they will break her water at noon. No matter what we're getting a bebe today. Good thing since the hubby will be gone for the next week with work and deer season coming.

Tomorrow: 5 miles, KB and baby pictures if its ok with the new mama and papa.

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