Friday, August 28, 2009


Champagne in one hand Mojito in the other. Yes that would make me a two fisted drinker.
I have rocked the no soda thing. I haven't really wanted one and I've been OK with making iced tea. But the whole giving up alcohol? Yea, not so good at cutting that out. Apparently all my wonderfully social friends are also social drinkers which makes it easy to have a glass of wine or one or two cocktails for a BBQ or say a super yummy port with my chocolate Espresso torte at Book club. Nights like tonight when the kids are prefectly atrocious, a beer or a wine cooler works well to "defrag" this cluttered and scattered mind. So no soda but cocktails.... I may have to give up one thing at a time. CHEERS!


Steven Cohen said...

Good job on the soda thing; that's not really so hard is it? Lots of sugar and/or caffeine, and too much carbonation anyway. And if it's diet soda it can't be that good for you, anyway! But you sound like a moderate alcohol drinker, so what's up? Is this a diet plan? Good luck with it, anyway.

Karen said...

Wow. I am impressed . I have tried to give up soda several times but never succeeded. And I feel ya on the beer/wine/margarita/mojito thing. All my friends have a couple of drinks every night socializing. It is so hard to not have a glass of wine with them.

Good job!