Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Muzzle me.

I took Cindi with me on my 4 mile run today. I bought her a thing called a "Halti" since she has been pulling so much she hurts my arm. it slides over her muzzle and over her neck then clips underneath to the D ring on her real collar. She doesn't really like it but we (i mean she wears it and I follow her around making sure she doesn't chew it off) have been wearing it around the house for a few days and I decided to take it for a spin.

Good Neighbor and took off and she was out like a bullet. She bucked like a bronco and she was TICKED OFF! But she wanted to run so she got the idea and didn't pull anymore. She doesn't like that being pulled to the side. The hope is that she gets used to staying by my side and we can go back to the collar and leash later. It worked for those 4 miles though! Wahoo! I got my running buddy back.

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Steven Cohen said...

Cool idea! Keep it up, because training isn't easy!