Monday, August 10, 2009

I Love you Tomorrow, you're only a day away!

So I guess I'm going to stop drinking alcohol today. I did only have 2 beverages yesterday when we had a little post 10K (that I didn't participate in) soiree at "chief Howler monkey's" residence to celebrate the end of the 10K training session and his lovely wife's bachelor's degree. What a great host, a bunch of food to enjoy and a bunch of running friends and family to celebrate with us. No pictures yet (as I cringe) but I'm sure there will be some to post soon.

No running today but I did stop by a friends house who will be running Nike Women's half with me in October. Our goals are very different right now, she wants to PR and I'm in it for fun. But so nice to have someone to chat up at school about running. Most of the gals get mad when I post all about how far and how fast I went. Apparently it's rude to remind people that exercise is good. Reminder to self, not so much runner updating on facebook.

I'm so excited about getting back into the groove of things. School starts in two days, Marathon training starts tomorrow! I'm going to train like I'm out there to run a 4 hour marathon and see what happens. That's my pipe dream goal, 4:10:00 is my realistic goal.

Lots and lots and lots of talk about Greece next year. But that's all I'm saying for now. I do have reservation all ready made for an adult vacation to Las Vegas. FFP and I haven't been away for more than 1 night together without the kids since they were born. He is usually gone hunting or at work or I'm off at a race or on a girls trip. This year is going to be different. I want to actually make memories TOGETHER. of course the camera broke so we either get a new one or do without. Memories in our minds might be more realistic this year.

So running tomorrow. Marathon race report in about 18 weeks. The countdown begins.


ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, Greece?! I just read about someone else who spent 2 weeks there. Hope it works out. In the meantime, good luck with school and marathon training!

TinaGirl said...

Shirley, You talking about Petra? I'm hoping to see her at the Suisanville trail marathon in October. Yea, I'm excited about Greece but not holding my breath. I'm a total Chicken, but for a once in a lifetime trip to Greece I'll have to get over it.

MizFit said...

you have so many cooool things going on.
Im in that 'Id love to do a marathon but am I too old to start taxing my knees in that fashion?" place.

I k now it sounds....wimpy.

but thats where I am :)

Steven Cohen said...

You know, I have a friend who posts his Garmin results to FB and those who don't work out make fun of him. It's lame, I think, to ridicule someone for posting great workouts. Go ahead and make posts if you want! I like it, anyway. Be proud of your hard work.