Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Track meet

Thats me in pink, I'm kicking ass. I came from behind and totally sweeped this 400m run. I can't wait to do another Track Meet.
1 mile Time trail 6 weeks ago 8:02
1 mile Time trail today 7:38
400m today 1:30
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Kai said...

Lady, you are smoking! What a PR! That guy in the red tank and black shorts looks like he's going off the field to puke. ;)

TinaGirl said...

Thats funny. Those were high school football players @ practice trying to stay out of these old peoples way.

Steven Cohen said...

Great results! And funny that HS kids had to clear the way!

Brenda said...

How fun! I'd love to do a track meet. And yeah, I agree... you are smokin'. Wow, that is fast!