Tuesday, May 19, 2009

KOR day 2

OMG this is an expensive class. I payed $600 up front for 6 months of kettlebell training/core strength training. KC is planning on working out a workout for me to fit into my marathon training. Isn't' that cool? BUT I am so sore. My hair follicles literally hurt. BUT KC took my body fat and weight measurement today and I don't need to loose any more fat... I'm at about 12.8% and he thinks I need to gain a little weight which will come from muscle in the next few months. Today I weighed in at 111lbs.

Yesterday we did a warm up where we held the KB near our left hip, upside down and swung them up and around our heads and back down to our right hip. Then did it again from there. 20 of those. They are called Halos. Then we would swing them around our waists 10x each way then around our ankles 10x each way. Then figure 8's through our legs rotating from one side lunge to the other keeping the KB close enough to your ankles but not hitting them. 1o sets of squats holding the KB. Then we did windmills, where you hold the KB over your head, legs spread hip width apart and with the other arm you lean down following your opposite leg to the floor... you guessed it 10x each. We did all of that 3 times. Me with an 18lb sissy KB. I did 1 pull up by my self.

We went across the street so we could do sprints but really he wanted to tell me that I ran like a distance runner not a sprinter. Other than the track meet the other day I haven't full out sprinted in a long time. AND I know I don't know how. I did 7 of the 8 sprints. We came back in did some more pull ups and 5 minutes of one handed swings. OUCH. I was so tired by then that I couldn't even hold the KB. I kept dropping it. Did some stretching and called it a day there. But I wasn't actually done with the exercise fun yet.

I went and got a coffee with the hubby, picked up Cindi then headed out for a hundred degree run. We made it about 4.5 miles with two water breaks. One of which I stripped my shoes and socks off and got in the creek with her. It was the hardest 4.5 miles I think I have ever ran.

I woke up this morning wondering how I was going to get out of bed. Took the kids to school and went back to KOR. Today we did Turkish get ups (read me... you need to be coordinated to do these. I looked like an ass), pull ups, 2 weight squats (that's little old me carrying 36lbs and doing 15 squats. Of course I couldn't do that so he let me sit out 4 and 5 and just practice proper squatting technique (read... uncoordinated AGAIN). nice hu... I stopped thinking aboutthen but I know I did a bunch of other stuff and I wondered the whole time when the hour was going to be over. I think I'm going to go back tomorrow, but after my 3 mile run and stretch session.


Kai said...

That sounds like so much fun! Actually...it sounds like it would be complete torture during but you'd wake up with that satisfying soreness afterwards.

Good luck with the heat! I'm trying to adjust myself since the only time I have to run is during lunch (ahem, hottest time of day), and Chicago is heating up BIG TIME.

*Sarah* said...

Sounds like a great workout! Is Brent your kettle bell instructor? Where do you take your classes? Keep up the good work, Mrs. 12.5% body fat!

Brenda said...

I played around a few times with a friends KB, but I've never taken a class with proper instruction. Sounds like you are really working out hard core! Good for you. I'm jealous. :) And, yeah, I'm impressed with the 12.8% body fat. I've never had mine measured. That would be interesting.