Sunday, May 3, 2009

Out of Sight

I haven't been keeping up with my blog responsibilities. The hubby has been home a lot and I've been so busy with the kids class stuff that not only is there little room to blog, there is little room to run either. I'm looking forward to getting back on that horse. Ran 7 today, 3 with Cindi and 4 with Shelly and Turbo. Turbo is not the yellow lab he appears to be, he's more like a moose with a tutu. It's amazing how that dog can get air and spin around like a top!

Sad news that I'm afraid will further disrupt my running regimen when I really really really need it to curb the stress is that my Uncle Larry was sent home on Hospice yesterday. The cancer has grown too much and his liver is bleeding. The hospice nurses for my Uncle James, for Chris's Gpa Derril and for BFF's Gpa were all amazing. I had the pleasure of teaching the renewal CPR for our local Hospice nursing group and got to know some of them pretty well. I am so thankful there are wonderful people out there who help the patients and families with the hardest and sometimes most painful times of their lives.

Running has been sporadic at best. two or three days of consistency then 4 or 5 off the wagon. It's not working for me. I desperately need a training program to get me back on track. I guess I'm waiting another month but in the mean time I hope to re-start kettlebells through KOR. 6 months would put me at the middle of November which will be two weeks or so before CIM. Hopefully my body will respond positively and with my core built up and the training program with Dave I take some time off of my Marathon!

Eating... that's the hard part. I've been trying to do one whole foods meal a day. Mostly salad, with a variety of fruits and veggies. It only works about 4 days a week but heading in the right direction. I'm also trying to eat more for breakfast and lunch and less for dinner and that seems to be working for me.

This weekend is our first BIG fundraiser. Bunco for Boobs here in Chico. Good Neighbor and I will be in full force but that includes lots of chocolate. I'll have to keep myself busy. MIL is also putting together a yard sale for me at her friend Jewels house. That is always a big stash towards my walk. What great friends and family I have!


ShirleyPerly said...

Oh, so sorry to hear about your Uncle Larry. Cancer sucks :-(

Good luck at your FR this weekend!

Steven Cohen said...

Sorry for the bad news. Keep on with prayer and positive thoughts!

I can relate to the time thing: School concerts Monday & Tuesday (I conduct them!), jazz competition today, concert next week, HS band concert next Wednesday, party for the Prez of the Tournament of Roses next Thursday! no running during those times!

aron said...

hang in there girl... lots of hugs to you.