Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hot Stuff

My plan was to run 40 minutes today... so about 4 miles. I walked out the door at 11am, 83 degrees F, very little wind and humid, with a positive attitude and a new podcast in my ear (other one empty so I could listen to traffic or a dog who might want to chase me), and a smile on my face. I ran down a street I haven't ran down before that takes all the way across a cross street then up towards the foothills to the levy. I made a stop at a little park where I got a drink of water at about mile 1.3 miles then out to the levy and down to Wildwood park where there is another drinking fountain. I know that to the turn around at upper park road would put me at exactly 5 miles. I played a little trick on myself, saying I'd go 4o minutes but knowing I was 5 minutes more to a drinking fountain would give me another mile under my belt. Sneaky I know.

I was hot and sweaty and loving it at the turn around. Although my body was tired and I hadn't really eaten properly my mind was so joyful that it kept me energized. I stopped for a drink and to say hello to a fellow runner at the park then headed back home. By the time I got home I was DRENCHED in sweat, like pouring down me and leaving a puddle, but I felt so good! All over tingly, runners high that I had been missing since my little hiatus from a running program.

I wonder if Kettlebells has anything to do with it? I have been so stiff and sore since starting that a good run has been the only thing that has made me feel better, so good in fact that I really look forward to doing KOR again tomorrow, a hike or 3 mile run and then 10 mile long run on Saturday!

When was the last time you had that runners high? Do you get it often or is it rare but magical?


Brenda said...

I honestly cannot ever remember feeling a runners high. There have been many times that I feel joy deep inside because being outside running feels so good, and I realize that I'm running with a smile on my face. But never a kind of drug-high type of feeling and nothing magical. Boo hoo... am I'm missing out?

Kai said...

83 degrees?! You have my respect lady. I HATE being so hot and sweaty. I've never had a HUGE runner's high, but I get a mild one almost every time I run - just a general euphoric feeling of being alive and moving all my muscles.

Now if only I'd remember that when I'm trying to get my ass out of bed...