Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where is your favorite place to run?

Tomorrow I'm meeting Laura at at the "cross" in upper park so we can run with the dogs tomorrow. I love running in upper park even with all the hills and trails that don't really like my klutzy nature. I will try to take the camera in the morning so show you how beautiful it is. My hope is that it will make me stronger AND we need to get ready for those SF hills. So where do you love to run. Where do you go to feel free?


*Sarah* said...

My favorite place to run is on the Feather River flumes. I have two favorite courses: #1) start at the corner of Dean & Pentz (my parent's house), run down to the flumes via Dean Rd, run up to the Head Dam and swim with the dog, then return back. #2) start behind Feather River Hospital, then run up to Head Dam and back.
By far, these are my two favorite runs--especially on a hot, summer afternoon.

Steven Cohen said...

I love to run around the Great Marsh and the Parker River, which is in a tidal basin, so it changes with each run. Pretty sweet!

Brenda said...

Here in San Diego where I live, I'm blessed to have many fun running places:

1. The road to the old Point Loma lighthouse is slightly hilly and a good challenge and it's almost 4 1/2 miles round trip.
2. Mission Bay boardwalk goes on for miles, but I usually only run 5 at the most.
3. The beach in Coronado is flat, hard-packed sand especially at low tide. I'm guessing it's about 5 miles from one end to the other.
4. We have two lakes nearby that have asphalt running trails around them. Miramar Lake is 5 miles all the way around and Lake Murray is 6 miles from the fence and back.

The cross in upper park sounds like a wonderful place to run. My best friend's daughter lived in Chico for several years for college. I've never been though.