Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Do the Hokey Pokey and you Turn Yourself Around

Hollywood my 8 year old was messing around in the car swinging his arms around nearly missing his brother. His Brother asked him to stop several times with no response. I asked him to stop several times with no response. His brother finally got tired of it and hit his hand when it swung past his face. Hollywood got mad and I could see that he was going to his his brother. I quickly said "Two wrongs don't make a Right". He did respond quickly by putting his hand down looking at me out the corner of his eye and saying, "but three Rights do make a Left". What a brat. Let me tell you, he is just like he daddy.

Now whenever one of us is off track I say "3 rights make a left" and that's the cue to look in a new direction. I think I need a new direction, or at least a new goal to refuel the passion for running, for staying healthy, for being an athlete again. Today the wind is whipping. The thing I hate MORE than anything is the wind. In 15 minutes at noon, I'm going to do 30Day Shred. I haven't run since last Wednesday and I'm going crazy. Emotionally I'm spent... but tears still fall when I think of this friendship that is falling apart or my uncle who is so sick, or my Grandma, Aunt, cousins, mom who are all waiting for answers that may never come for my Uncle Larry. Its heartbreaking and I need a new outlet. So its time for me to turn around and look in a new direction. Maybe some runs with time not distance, maybe some time just for me to cruise, maybe more speed work, maybe a lot of things to refuel.

Have you come to a crossroads or a road that is leading you down the wrong path lately? What did you do to "turn yourself around"?

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