Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tina {heart}'s these

I read SHAPE last night cover cover at 1am when I couldn't sleep. I love this months profile on Jenny McCarthy. She's funny, down to Earth and an advocate for Autism. I love all the little workout moves too. Lots of things you can do at home if you don't have access to a gym. My kinda workout for sure. I don't pick it up every month but I definately pick it up when I'm feeling like I need motivation.

Runner's World Magazine. OHHHH I read this cover to cover at least 5 times the first few days I have it. Then I go back and check out all the ads. I dog ear the articals I will read over and over and over. Sometimes I cut out training plans or ideas for interval or hill workouts I'd love to try.

My {heart} my Mizuno wave's. They love my feet as much as I love them. I rarely get blisters and with such small feet, size 6.5,I have a tendency to roll my feet out. With these my feet don't do that! With the Nike Pegasus unfortunately they do and I paid the price with IT band issues. ugh.

I {heart} Fleet Feet Chico. This store is more than just a specialty running store. Its a place I can go and feel at home. (crazy I know) I get the Cheer's thing going. I walk in the door and everybody knows me. Scary hu? Everytime you spend $250 you get a $25 store credit! I get those credits quite often. Going through shoes every 3 or so months and the 4 training programs I've been through so far in the last year and 4 months sure add up. Ohhh and my very nice Garmin watch too. I could go on and on. Alan and Susan are awesome. I love the rest of the staff too. Because of them I have found a wonderful run family.

Speaking of I'm off for a Wednesday night run with FF! Running is Cheaper than Therapy.


*Sarah* said...

I can totally relate with your post! I subscribe to Fitness, Shape, and Runners World and have spent many nights up late reading them cover to cover. When I finish a magazine, it is full of pages with folded corners for future reference. :) As for Fleet Feet, I feel like a celeb every time I step foot in their store.

TinaGirl said...

Thats because you ARE a celebrity Sarah!