Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shamrock'n (aka Big Fat DNS)

This has been a crazy training season. I swear that anything and everything has told me not to run this race. My Garmin got eaten by my dog after I tried to fix it since I broke it. I lost my ipod that wasn't working anyway. I lost my $20 gloves that I loved, I got an abscess in my cheek that swelled my face to twice the size of normal and have a possible staff infection from it. OK I give up. I did not run today. It was not meant to be and I'm sad but I'm also willing to understand that missing one race is NOT the end of the world. These Crazy antibiotics I'm on are proof that I should wait a bit til I'm better before I do any hard core training.

That didn't stop me from getting up at 3:55am in order to be in Sac on time to support my friends. Vince and Ross ran their FIRST 1/2 marathon today and are feeling the repercussions now. LOL poor guys. Vicki, Liz, Ed and Tracy TD ran of course and all did very well. Some did exceptional! (Vicki's PR was an amazing improvement and Vince had never run a half came in at 1:47:07). Lisa Duke did amazing things today as well as the rest of the FF group! I'm so proud of them!

Today I was Fleet Feet Race Group Photographer. I got our Coach from the marathon program out of the gate and at the finish... the FIRST PLACE FINISH! I got a bunch of other people from the program's pictures too. I was so proud of everyone and it was kind of cool to be behind the camera again. I'm looking for my next race though and I'm thinking I may do a trail run or two before summer. I'm hoping for the Nike Half in October while training for CIM again. I'm planning to do Napa Valley Valley in March and I hope that the 4 months between is enough for me to recoup and keep going. I'd also like to do Chicago next year! Yea I'm a bit crazy. I need to work on core work and strength if I'm planning on undertaking these kind of miles again and again and again. In the next year and a half I have several short races, a couple half marathons and 3 more full marathons.


*Sarah* said...

Ugh. Sorry you couldn't run in the race today. Must of been frusterating. I'm hoping to be in marathon shape for the CIM after giving birth this summer. We'll see...
Hope you feel better soon!

aron said...

i am sorry you had a DNS :( thats not fun, but it was definitely the right decision. you are so awesome for getting out there and cheering either way! WOW first place for the coach, how cool is that!?!

did you know it was me when i ran by? cause i thought i heard somebody else (that wasn't my mom) but it could have been for another runner ;)

YES i am planning on CIM again... eugene is up next for me. i am signed up for napa to sonoma (which is sold out). they have the healdsburg half on halloween. i did it last year and it was my favorite race ever! not sure if i am doing it this year or not. there are tons of races out there, just have to decide which ones fit in with training :)

hope you feel better soon!!! (sorry i wrote a novel)

ShirleyPerly said...

Sorry about the DNS. I had one too recently and I think both of us were better off not running. Get well soon!!

Steven Cohen said...

That's a tough break, but was clearly the right move. But you rocked the support group!

RBR said...

OMG!! I am so sorry! Not running was definitely the smart thing to do. I am so impressed you were still able to go and cheer after all of that.

I am trying for Nike (fingers crossed on the lottery for you as well) planning on CIM and Napa next year. I have to see what happens. We will HAVE to meet up!

Feel better soon!