Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If you can't run... shop

I've been so on and off the runners bandwagon that I can't even call myself a runner for the month of March. April has got to be better. I demand it. Maybe this run weekend will spruce things up. It did help that I bought really cute running clothes. Yea I did! I support local stores by purchasing clothing from them and I am proud of it. I used my birthday $ and rewards from Fleet Feet Chico to let Stacey totally talk me into a whole Brooks wardrobe, well cute top and shorts that match anyway. Since I had the little mole freak out at the dermatologist I went to Sports LTD and bought a cute Under armour long sleeved heat gear hoody. So when I do run (or do 30day shred in my living room) I look adorable even if I'm not out there running.

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Kai said...

There's nothing like a cute new running wardrobe to boost your running! Taking some time off now and then won't hurt you in the long term...just get back out there!