Sunday, March 29, 2009

The ins and outs

I have hardly run in the last month. I've been plagued with reasons and excuses not to run. Some are valid and some are not. Its been weeks since that abscess started and I've been on high dose antibiotics that are reaking havoc on my body. I went out a few days ago for a run with Ed and Cindi and could hardly keep up. I don't think we even made it three miles. I came home and realized I was covered in a rash, mostly on the areas where I was out in the sunshine but actually all over my body. It took two benadryl tablets to get all the itching under control.

I'm supposed to be doing a trail run next weekend. My first ever. I hope I'm feeling better by then. I'm tired of being sick and tired and can't wait to be running like I was before. I want a good base built up before CIM training begins this summer.


*Sarah* said...

Good luck in the race next weekend!! I'll be at one of the water stops, so I'll be sure to cheer you on! :) Don't get too down about not running much over the last month. You're body will catch up fast as soon as you're healthy again.

aron said...

hang in there girl!!! just make sure you are really better before putting your body through too much. it sucks being sick but better to be completely healthy than to have it linger. hope you are better soon!!!

Steven Cohen said...

Amen to excuse-making, but yours are actually valid! Don't rush your way back!