Friday, June 20, 2008

Today I ran

Today I forced myself to go to the gym and instead of my scheduled yoga class that I totally love (more on that later) I thought I needed to run and get my miles up since I didn't run my 5miles I had hoped to get in yesterday and I didn't run at all during our camping trip. I hate running on the dreadmill... I mean treadmill. It never seems to be accurate and I always feel like I'm having to alter my stride to fit within the parameters of the stupid machine. Today wasn't too bad mostly because I chose to mix it up a bit.

I started out walking for two minutes at speed 3.5 while I got my ipod adjusted and my weight and height and gender all in the machine. I upped it to 5.5 and at a 2%incline for a half mile. upped the grade to 2.5% at mile 1 mark, speed up to 6 at mile 2 and grade up to 4% at mile 2.5 til mile 3. The stupid machine kicks you off at 30 minutes but I figured out how to fudge it for a couple minutes to get my 3miles in.

I then went and stretched and did some core work for about 10 minutes. I did 20 standard crunches, 20 crunches with my legs leaned over to each side to work on my obliques. I did 2 minute plank then some supermans where I pull my knee up to elbow in the push up position alternating each side for a total of 20. then 2 minute plank again.

I jumped back on the treadmill and did 2.5 miles at 10min/mile speed (or 6.0) at 1.5% grade but when I hit that 2.5 mile spot I walked for 30 seconds then did 30 second strides at speed 9.5 (not sure how fast that is something like 6:30 pace I think?) I did one at 10 which I know is a 6 minute mile pace somewhere in the middle. so at the 30 minute mark after my 7th stride the stupid dreadmill shut of again but not before I noticed that I had made it 3.2 miles.

For a treadmill day that wasn't too bad considering it was 100*F outside and there was no way in H*ll I was going to run 6 miles by myself out there today.


I took my first yoga class in college and just didn't care for it. I liked the moves and it made me feel but I had a hard time letting my other thoughts go and listening to my body. I still have that problem but I'm much better at pushing those thoughts away and concentrating on my breathing and specific muscles now then I was then.

I schedule the kids three days a week for the gym so that even if FFP has something to do I can make it to the gym (My firefighter provider is required to hit the gym every workday). I'm totally using this membership to the hilt since we purchased the year family package and my hubby has been there like twice.

I was feeling good about it to until BFF went and made said, "look at the suburban mom taking off to go to her yoga class." crap that is me. Well too bad. I'm going to be one of those snooty suburban moms who goes to yoga because well... I can. so there. I'm not really miffed. I'm just teasing but I didn't really think of myself that way til she said something. LOL. That's what BFF's are for. That and if I turn into "You-know-what" she will slap me upside the head because I deserve it and I'll do it to her in return. Love ya Kel.

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ShirleyPerly said...

Good for you in getting all that core work in as well as running. And you're quite speedy too on the strides on that treadmill!