Sunday, June 8, 2008

Race Report: Nike Womens Fitness 5K

What a day. After a lovely evening with friends (and 3 too many Margaritas) I got up at 4am to head to Sac for my first Chip Timed 5k event. This is the first race in my lead up to the CIM in December. I start my 10K training program with Fleet Feet on Tuesday.
BFF met me at the capitol and we walked in together, warmed up, put our chips on our shoes and bibs (Kelli's first) on our shirts. We used the potties and did a few warm up laps around the circle in front of the capitol. We lined up in the 8am run group and waited for the light rail trains to go by so we started a few minutes late. We started out of the gate and I hung with BFF for like 30 seconds....(sorry) then I was off.... taking that first mile slow and getting a feel for the road and the group. Mile2 I kept up the same pace and just moved up to other ladies every once in a while then hung with them for a few minutes then did it again. took 8 seconds off that mile. Mile three.... more of the same... moved up when I saw and opening and felt took then kicked it into gear that last 1/4 mile. I felt so good crossing that finish line in under 28 minutes. I haven't got chip time yet but I can't wait to let you know.
BFF did well too. She started out too fast that first mile then had to cut back a little but your first race... you just wanna finish... don't set any time goals til you know how your body will react to the emotions and adrenaline of race day. 37minutes and change Kelli.... YOU ROCK!
There were over 2400 runners and walkers at today's event. We got really cute t-shirts and bags from Nike and I had a great time. 1 minute off last weeks 5k time rocks too. So excited.
So I ran my first negative split times for well, any reason. lol. Here's the breakdown.

M1: 9:08
M.1: 1:00
Total time 27:45 according to my FR405

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ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats on your race! To shave off a minute off your 5K time and negative split is saying something!!