Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm Famous

In my own mind....

...And on over at The Endurance Sports Bar where ShirleyPerley featured me on Todays Who's Who Wednesnday. WAHOOO! for Shirley who is during her part to spread the word about our crusade to fight Breast Cancer, Skin Cancer and All cancers actually.

I feel so loved! I love this site and for those of you who frequent Gotta Grub n' Run but didn't get here via Endurance Sports Bar then head on over there and check it (me) out.

Thank you guys on the wonderful compliments to my young looking status but I feel all of my 30 years in the rest of my body. LOL

I'm walking in San Francisco in July. I'm walking LA Beaches in September so you'll be seeing lots of walking in my training between now and then.

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