Friday, July 23, 2010

Run the Baby Fever away!

Tuesday: 1000m warm up + plyometrics. 8x 400's at 10k pace w/ 200easy jog between

I have had so much fun running this week. The speed work out on Tuesday was rough on me and I probably shouldn't be pushing myself that hard but I hate "slow-as-molasses" me almost as much as "6-miles-is-my-longest-run" me. But when we got to the 7th 400 segment my right hip tightened up and I knew I had better slow it down and stretch it out. I really only missed one so I'm good with that. I have to say that I love how the speed work challenges my mind. I'm not the kinda girl who likes to count her laps or what interval she's on but I love to say the # I'm on and the pace I was at after every speed segment. I then give myself a little pep talk or mantra at the very end of my rest segment to pump me up for the next speed part. I'm such a nerd. I sometimes say them out loud... you know, when I hope that no one is listening to me. LOL

Wednesday: 2.3 miles on the dreadmill so slow it was almost sickening

Guess what? Now that I'm running what is comfortable and not kicking myself for the super s-l-o-w speeds I'm enjoying my running. I ran while watching TV shows that should never be on television. It was great! I'm all caught up on Bethenny Getting Married? and all I want is to be pregnant and have a baby girl now. Very crazy and I think that's why I signed up for the Marathon Program again. Marathon or drive the FFP crazy because I want another baby that we can't have. Yea, I'd choose the marathon too. I love and adore my boys and it is WAY too late to start over now.

Thursday 1.2 miles walk w/ Laura then 1.8 mile jog w/ her. Dropped her off and Ran 2.36m on my own.

Laura met me w/ Laila (Cindi's BFF) at one mile and we walked for a mile or so to warm up since her knee has been bothering her and I really wanted to warm up my hip first. We got to talk about girly stuff! I have known Laura since high school and she is one of those constant things that holds me down to earth when things get crazy. We got just past the one mile marker and decided to pick it up. We jogged along chatting and visiting and gossiping as usual and the 3 miles went by entirely too fast. We stretched and I looked for someone else to jog my last 2 miles with but no one was available. So I cranked up my "Eclipse" sound track and got to it! The park was so pretty and there were tons of people out. I just smiled and waved and said good morning to every one along the way. I really truly enjoyed my run. I didn't even look at Big G until I ran past the boulders that mark our trail runs. I felt so amazing. I looked at my crazy slow speed and smiled. I just missed running so much that a run like that couldn't make the smile disappear.

Do you run to make up for something you feel is missing in your life? I am totally trying to out run my biological clock. The only thing that seems to work is Marathon Training.

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