Friday, September 4, 2009

Its Greek to me

I made meself a Mediterranean pasta dish tonight with spinach pasta from Trader Joe's with artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, feta cheese and sun dried tomatoes. Since the hearts were in oil I just put those in the pasta first with some pepper and tossed them so the pasta was coated then added the rest. Super yummy dinner. I had a spinach salad with fresh peaches and yummy poppy seed dressing around 6:30 before I made the pasta. Apparently the kiddo's didn't like it though so more for me tomorrow. I like that it can be eaten hot or cold, perfect for lunch or post long run meal.

I ran 5 miles with Cindi this morning. Same old trail just a little bit farther.I'm happy with my speed though. I wasn't pushing it and came out at 49:08 so it was about 9:50/mile without even trying and wrestling with the dog and a water break. I'm thinking of taking her to start higher up the creek next week and going back behind the creek and past the golf course. I'm not sure how she'll be on the trails tied to the leash but its worth a try.

I have 13 miles on tap for tomorrow (hence the pasta I don't normally eat) and with no Liz to run with I'm going to have to find a different running partner this weekend. So glad the sitter texted and said she could watch the kids. I was NOT looking forward to moving the schedule around and running 6 on the treadmill this morning before the kiddos got up then 7 more on the trail.

Glad the hubby will be home this week. Fire's in the LA area seem to be more contained, at least enough to let some of the boys go. We were thinking he was going to go down to be relief for them but they should be home and no plans to send them back out. Of course the $ would have been nice.

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Steven Cohen said...

Nice meal. Yum! And good workout. Good luck getting your schedule organized for runs!