Wednesday, September 2, 2009

For the Love of New Shoes

OMG! I love me a pair of new sneakers. Speedy Kristina (her hubby is Coach Paul, winner of the Women's Nike Marathon 2008 because is wife thought it would be funny and signed him up) bought a pair of these super cute Saucony Kilkenny XC racing flats and I could not stand it so I went and bought some last night while I was at speed group. The main premise for this purchase is my Kettlebell instructor has an issue with the padding in my regular running shoes and enlightens me, with much urgency, to running flat and more gracefully during my sprints. Mostly though, they will look so stinkin' cute with Jeans! Goodness, its amazing how a pair of super cute shoes can make your week! Actually I am looking forward to a new pair of super cute running shoes too. Mine are worn to the max.
Bucket List: Caitlin over at Healthy Tipping Point posted her fitness Bucket list and I thought I would follow. I do not have a cute cork board in which to post mine (on my to-do list) but I will list them here for you all. Please post yours and link back so I can see them!!!

1: Break a 4 hour marathon
2: Strong core, actually see some muscle in my mid section then hold onto it!!!
3: Learn to swim properly (with my face in the water and everything).
4: Run Mad Patty's crazy Monkey Hill without stopping (if you're looking for hills in Chico I know where to find them)
5: Run a 5K with my son.
6: Learn to ride a bike without falling off and being able to shift properly (ugh... never mastered that).
7: Master Bikram Yoga after Kettlebell/X-fit class is over in November.
8: Do a sprint tri (meaning learning how to swim with my face in the water and ride a bike without crashing!)
9: Getting over my fear of water and mastering Kayaking.
10: Goofy Challenge 1/2 marathon one day, full marathon the next day in Disneyworld!.
11: Run a marathon for charity.
12: Backpack the entire John Muir Trail.


Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

Loved your bucket list! Oh and those shoes are great!

Steven Cohen said...

Nice bucket list! But you don't ride? Well, get out and ride with your kids for a start. And face in the water, but you're afraid of water? I have no help for that one, baby!