Monday, July 20, 2009

Dead Lift

I haven't been working out as much as I should. I've been doing my long runs (although Vicki and I both cut last weekend short to 7.5m instead of 10) and speed work but my feet have been killing me since the walk in SF. (I promise to do a report on the walk but it will have to wait till the hubby is gone).

Today I went to Kettlebells. We did Dead lifts. I've never in my life done a dead lift before today. I was freakin' scared. The nerves were tumbling around my stomach watching these amazing girls put up numbers like... 260lbs! I might have been able to do more than I did but I was shaky thinking about doing it at all. So I only made it up to 155lb. When I tried to do 160 I just couldn't get a good tight stance. So since this is my first I can only go up right. Today I got a PR!


Steven Cohen said...

I think I saw the video you got that picture from @ 4:30 this morning on some cable channel! yeah, it's about time you got into the GGW market. ;)

TinaGirl said...

LOL, Chico is a great place for GGW. It was parked about a block down from the running shop. I'm not even brave enough to do anything but pose in front of the bus.=)