Friday, June 26, 2009

Week in Review

Not as good as I would have hoped.
  • Monday -ran 3 miles (easy)
  • Tuesday- FF speedwork= half mile warm up, stretches, plyo and core 1 mile lactic threashold (9min/mile pace) 1 min rest, 1/2 mile aerobic threashold (8:45m/mile pace) w/1 min rest x4, 1 mile lactic threashold (9 min pace) stretch, half mile cool down
  • Wednesday= (KB) Kettlebells = kicked my ass... figuratively and actually
  • Thursday=rest/swam with the kiddos and held my niece
  • Friday=KB heavy and aerobic another ass kicking day and I had Lisa who doesn't yell like KC.
  • Saturday- tomorrow is scheduled FF long run with hills 7 miles are on tap for us speed groupies.
  • Sunday-another easy long run scheduled, flat I hope

I really need to keep my miles up. I need to do hills on Thursdays but this heat is already killing me. Sitter will be gone next week and not sure how I will get all my workouts in before it gets hot. May need to steal moms treadmill.

Food: Well it sucks. I have been SO BAD about not getting all my calories in and worse about balancing protien and carbs. Lots of fruits and veggies but not enough calories makes me bonk. I hate keeping a food journal maybe I should be more like Caitlin and Kai and take pix of my food. Of course my food isn't as pretty as theirs. LOL


Steven Cohen said...

Nice workouts. Especially the lactic threshold day. Pain! Am I right? Do you still post to Buckeye? Think about it, because they have the food post built right in; no extra sites choose for it.

ShirleyPerly said...

I love how colorful and playful your blog looks. On the food thing, perhaps drinking a high calorie energy drink or energy bar an hour or so might help with the bonking problem? I'm not very good about eating real meals but snacks seem to be no problem because they're quick and easy.

Kai said...

Maybe we should switch? I have a food problem too, but mine involves eating too MANY calories. ;)

Some of my friends have had luck with those online food journal like and the such. I'm too impatient to keep it up though.