Monday, July 16, 2012

Just Keep Swimming!

I've been trying to be positive about swimming but to tell you the truth it's been a long tedious journey. It comes so easy to so many of my friends but I make such little progress, even when I am consistent, in the pool. I've taken 2 semi private lessons with KE and I'm feeling more confident already. Still struggled today when Jilly and I did our Faux open water swim in the shallow end, across the short direction at One Mile Sycamore pool though.

I did the 24 day challenge from Advicare and I can't believe how good I feel just changing my eating habits... Well I should say routine, not a habit since it still doesn't feel second nature to me to eat 5-6 meals a day. Even today I only had a tall green tea lime refresher from Starbucks and it was WAY TOO SWEET! The only dessert I've had besides fresh fruit was a small root beer float that I didn't even finish. It's amazing how REAL food tastes so much better when your body isn't polluted by all those refined, chemical, over processed crap.

Last night I cooked chicken breast lightly seasoned and pan fried, no oil until a little brown on both sides. I added 1cup of water, lid on and let it cook on medium for 25 minutes. Chicken was perfect! I put the cut up chix in some romain leaves and added some home made mango peach salsa. Next time I'll definitely add some black beans. I felt like it was missing something. What a perfect meal by the pool though!

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