Wednesday, June 1, 2011

National Running Day 2011

What a year so far! This time last year I was just getting back into running after an injury and having trouble tackling 4 miles. Today I went out after two weeks off and it felt like it had been forever since I had run. I can't believe I've run through two marathon programs and a 10k program since then. Crazy stuff. I haven't had any time to post and obviously no time to run in the last few weeks with this crazy busy live I've been leading lately. Liz said today she has never seen me so stressed. I would have to agree with that. Running is definately my anti depressant.

So I broke my streak and ran a nice easy 4 with liz today. I smiled afterward and haven't had the need to scream or bite anyone's head off since I got home. I see more sanity runs in my near future.

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